Backyard Brains in your Classroom

Would you like to have a science demo in your classroom from the crew at Backyard Brains? If you live within driving distance to Ann Arbor, we'd love to visit your class, community, or club.

Greg Teaching Tim Teaching

We design our talks to be a mix of interactive lecture and real-time experiments. Typically talks are 1-1.5 hours long, depending on time constraints and audience. Talks are best given in a lab style classroom with access to projector and Dry Erase Board. Overhead document camera is extremely helpful for large audiences. The only material we need is ice water; we bring everything else.

Typical Agenda
10-15 Minutes – Introduction to Neuroscience and Basic Physiology of Neurons
5-10 Minutes – How to Record from Cockroach Leg Neurons [EXPERIMENT]
5-10 Minutes – Discussion on Amplifier Design, segwaying into Principles of Microstimulation
10 Minutes – How to Stimulate Neurons and Muscle Tissue [EXPERIMENT]
5-10 Minutes – Principles of Neuropharmacology and Synapses
10 Minutes – Effects of Nicotine and Glutamate on Neurons [EXPERIMENT]
5-10 Minutes – Background on RoboRoach Design
5 Minutes – Demo of RoboRoach [EXPERIMENT]
Total: 55 – 80 minutes

If time allows (and if audience desires such), we sometimes close with a 5-10 minute discussion on professional science and entrepreneurship, how you start a company, and the rewards and challenges of being self-employed inventors.

We humbly ask for a $300 honorarium for visits. This covers the travel, equipment, and our time.

Please feel free to email us if you are interested in having one of us present to your organization or classroom.