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Welcome to the NeuroRevolution! Select what you want to purchase, then finish your order from the cart on the right. If you are ordering outside the United States, please use PayPal. Note that SpikerBoxes tend to ship within 1-3 days, RoboRoaches and Manipulators within 3-5 days.
SpikerBox Triple Crown

Holiday Special. SpikerBox, Stim Cable, Laptop Cable, and Smartphone Cable all included.

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EMG Triple Crown

Holiday Special. EMG SpikerBox, Stim Cable, Laptop Cable, and Smartphone Cable all included.

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A SpikerBox Kit complete with SpikerBox, Experimental Manual, and Recording Electrode.

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EMG SpikerBox

Want to record from Human Subjects? The EMG SpikerBox can record Motor Units and EMG.

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Beta release of our 3D-printed manipulator! Code-name: The Searcher. Precisely positioning your electrode near neurons!

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2-Channel Spikerbox

Think of what you can do with a Spikerbox made for 2-channel recordings.

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RoboRoach (Beta)

We are now selling a Beta Version of our Roboroach Control Boards. Learn about microstimulation and behavior.

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Set of Roaches

A dozen adult orange heads, discoids, or discoid/cranifer hybrids (whatever we have the most of). No limit! Come get em.

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iPhone/Android Cable

Want to view spikes on your iPhone/iPad or Android device? This cable connects your smartphone to the SpikerBox.

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Classroom Kit

A complete classroom kit perfect for a room of students. This kit contains 6 SpikerBox kits.

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El Cheapo

Just a bare PCB Board shipped in a plain envelope. You supply the parts, box, insect, and love.

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Bag of Parts

Want to build your own SpikerBox? We can send you the parts and the schematic. Grab your soldering iron!

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Classroom DIY Kit

Teach your students both soldering and biology. This DIY kit contains a box of 6 bags of parts!

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2-Channel Bag of Parts

Want to build your own 2-channel SpikerBox? Now you can!

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Classroom Lecture

Backyard Brains will come to your school (locally) and provide a science lecture with demos.

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Stimulation Cable

Stimulate insect muscle activity with your iPod or other MP3 device. Why more $$? Mini-clips are expensive.

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Laptop Cable

Use this cable to hook up your Mac / PC laptop to the SpikerBox to record spikes. Nothing fancy, we're just the middle man.

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2-Channel Upgrade Kit

Have 2 SpikerBoxes? Want to make one 2-channel device? Now you can with this kit.

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Recording Electrode

Need to replace your recording electrodes? No worries. We've got you covered.

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Roboroach Electrode

A set of three replacement electrodes for your RoboRoach.

$18.00 Add to Cart 14 /images/cart_item.png
Faraday Cage

Keep your recordings clean of electrical noise with this SpikerBox-sized Faraday Cage. Needed for earthworm exps.

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