The SpikerBox

The SpikerBox is now being manufactured! We are accepting orders now! How does it work? We can explain that in 4 simple steps. Follow the instructions below to see how you could use the Spikerbox in your home or classroom! You can also read about the invention from our recent journal article in PLoS or see our recent TED talk. Each SpikerBox kit (in both assembled and bag of parts form) comes with the electrode included.

Step 1: Prepare for the experiment by removing a leg from a cockroach (don't worry... they can grow back!).

Step 2: Place the two electrodes from the Spikerbox kit into the leg. Rest the leg on the cork board, so the needles have a place to stick to.

Step 3: Turn on the Spikerbox and listen to the neurons! You can also connect it to your computer/iPhone/iPad to record.

Step 4: Learn from the experiment. Look at the different shapes of waveforms. How many types do you see? Was there a difference when you touched the leg barbs? Did it matter which direction it was brushed?